Lessons from land warfare: One year of war in Ukraine


What preliminary lessons can we learn after one year of war in Ukraine? After the Russian invasion of neighbouring Ukraine, a large-scale and even nuclear war in Europe is no longer unthinkable. European armed forces are not equipped for a war in the highest spectrum of violence, and American support is still necessary for the defence of European territory.

HCSS has focused on land combat in this first analysis. Of course the Ukraine war has many dimensions: there is fierce fighting on land, at sea and in the air, while cyberspace, the electromagnetic domain, information warfare and space also play a vital role. But the war in Ukraine is mainly about defending, conquering and retaking territory in which the Russian and Ukrainian armies play the main role and all the other means of power of the Russian and Ukrainian state are the main task to support this decisive battle. HCSS made an analysis of the preliminary lessons for land operations that can be drawn from this.

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