OSINT: From Theory, Intelligence to Evidence

OSINT for Ukraine event poster
OSINT for Ukraine event poster

OSINT FOR UKRAINE will mark its second anniversary in 2024 and is eager to commemorate the occasion by hosting an engaging event/symposium. Our aim is to foster a collaborative environment where experts and enthusiasts can converge to delve into the nuances of OSINT, open source information, and the fundamental elements of intelligence and evidence within this domain. 

Panel 1: From Theory to Intelligence

Panel 2: From Intelligence to Evidence 


Experts from: The Clingendael Institute, KVBK, Utrecht University, Leiden University, ISGA, UvA, KGF, and the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies. 

Leiden University, Wijnhaven campus
Turfmarkt 99, 2511 DP Den Haag


OSINT FOR UKRAINE is an independent investigative (non-profit) foundation dedicated to using Open Source Intelligence to investigate International crimes committed in relation to the Russo-Ukrainian war, Research Influence and Disinformation operations in Europe, and to provide Specialized OSINT and OPSEC advisory and training. The foundation comprises a multinational team of professionals who possess knowledge and professional experience in Intelligence, OSINT investigations, international criminal, humanitarian and human rights law as well as investigative journalism.