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Civil society

The Future of Human Rights in Times of War in Europe

On 07 December, during the #HumanRightsWeek, NHC will create a space for further reflection on the future of human rights work in the wider Europe region
the Nutshuis

Eastsplainers #1: Language

For this opening of the public lecture series Eastsplainers, the UvA welcomes Ukrainian linguist Oksana Kononchuk.

Special lecture on the MH17 judgment

Mr. Orie is a former justice on the Dutch Supreme Court (Hoge Raad) and the International Criminal Tribunal forthe Former Yugoslavia (ICTY)
Lipsius Building, Room 28
Civil society

Modalities of Neoliberal Authoritarianism in Georgia

Konstantine Eristavi’s research explores the link between neoliberal reforms and authoritarianism in post-Soviet Georgia. Mainstream accounts wrongly assume that authoritarian practices are somehow accidental to the neoliberal project implemented in the region.
Campus UFO en online

Transatlantic Dialogues: Emma Ashford

European Energy Security, Economic Statecraft, and Relations with the United States in the Wake of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Studiedag Russische en Oekraïense taal en literatuur

Met veel genoegen nodigen we u uit voor onze studiedag, die ook dit jaar georganiseerd wordt in samenwerking met Russische Studies van de Universiteit Leiden. We bieden u onderstaand programma aan met lezingen, workshops, een vertaalwedstrijd en een borrel

The Looming Global Food Crisis

This international workshop investigates the short and longer-term implications for food security and agrarian (geo)politics, as well as some unacknowledged drivers of the crisis.
Aula A

Regional Platforms networking event 2022

Mark this date and join us to learn all there is to know about the activities and goals of the five Platforms: Africa, ASEAN+, CESAM (Latin America), China and Russia. Their central ambition is to bring people together to stimulate academic cooperation in their respective regions.
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