Presidential Elections in Russia: Past, Present, Putin


Samantha Berkhead is a journalist and currently editor in chief at the Moscow Times
Mikhail Fishman is a journalist and anchor at TV-Rain and author of Successor - the history of Boris Nemtsov and the country in which he did not become president
Alexander Gubsky is a journalist and currently publisher of the Moscow Times
Gijs Kessler is IISH-researcher and author of Russia – the country that wants to be different
Kristina Petrasova is a cultural programmer and board member of association Free Russia NL


  • Presentation of Russian election materials from the collections of the International Institute of Social History (IISH) by Gijs Kessler
  • Talk on presidential elections in Russia since the fall of communism by Mikhail Fishman (TV-Rain)
  • Discussion with Samantha Berkhead, Mikhail Fishman, Alexander Gubsky and Kristina Petrasova. Moderator: Gijs Kessler
  • Questions from the audience
  • Drinks
Cruquiusweg 31, Amsterdam