Eastsplainers #10: Academia

University of Amsterdam
University of Amsterdam

For this session, we welcome Olga Burlyuk and Oleksandra Ivashenko. Oleksandra Ivashenko, a senior medical physicist, is a board member of Science for Ukraine, a non-governmental organization dedicated to supporting the Ukrainian academic community amidst Russia’s ongoing war. The NGO is run by volunteer researchers and students from academic institutions all around the world. Olga Burlyuk, an Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, focuses on civil society in Ukraine and politics of knowledge production about the country in the context of the military conflict. Together, the two speakers will discuss the challenges that the (Ukrainian) academic community faces in maintaining internal connections, securing research possibilities and access to the field, while having to deal with the heavy toll of the war. The session will be moderated by Erica van der Sijpt, a medical anthropologist at the University of Amsterdam. 

Binnengasthuisstraat 9, Amsterdam

Universiteit van Amsterdam