189th Seminar of the European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE) - EU enlargement by (post-)war Ukraine: Implications for the Agri-Food Markets

Man standing with tractor
Man standing with tractor

Objectives and scope of the seminar

The seminar intends to bring a broad range of research disciplines together to discuss the effects of the Russian war against Ukraine on the agricultural sector in Ukraine, the EU, and non-EU countries. Further, the seminar aims at discussing the results of the scenario analyses of the economic impact of a further integration of Ukraine into European agri-food markets.

The seminar offers a platform to exchange ideas and generate an integrated view of agricultural potential, value chain development, and public policy in the broad European context. The seminar primarily addresses the scientific community but is also open to decision-makers in business, politics, and NGOs, including the donor community.

Interested persons are invited to submit an extended abstract of maximum 2 pages (about 500 words) in English by April 29, 2024 via conftool

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